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All Timeshares are not the same.  Unfortunately for Timeshare Owners, Selling a Timeshare is much more difficult than Buying a Timeshare.   Timeshares and the associated contracts are easy to get into and extremely difficult if not impossible to get out of.  Contrary to what most owners are led to believe when they purchase a timeshare, the majority of timeshares become a liability over time due to the associated costs with owning one.  Timeshares are not assets and NEVER increase in value, period.   Not convinced?   Go to your local bank and ask for an equity line against your timeshare that is paid off.   Still not convinced?   Ask these listing and marketing companies that have “buyers waiting for your property” to take their commission after the sale as opposed to charging in excess of $1000 upfront.   They simply won’t do it.   Why?   They also know selling a timeshare is a long shot.   Such a long shot that these same companies that claim to be able to sell it quickly for thousands more than you initially paid won’t even take it back for free due to the carrying costs of owning one!   Sound familiar?  If so, you’re not alone…..That’s where we can help.


How?  Unlike most individuals and small competitors, we have three decades of experience in the industry and several affiliated partners such as resort developers, management companies, resort associations, and vacation clubs that have various uses for some timeshare properties.   These exclusive relationships that we have secured over the years with industry giants allows us to more efficiently work with these properties as opposed to individual owners trying to sell or donate on their own. Unfortunately, even we cannot help with all timeshare properties due to the perpetual liability attached to timeshare contracts.  Nonetheless, our consultants will provide you with the direction and solution that other companies cannot and will not provide free of charge, so please contact us now…


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