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After acting as legal counsel for the largest players in the timeshare industry, our principle, a licensed Florida attorney, realized that the timeshare industry was in desperate need of an ethical, experienced, and credible company. In addition, he witnessed timeshare owners being victimized by unscrupulous companies that over-promised and rarely delivered results.

Our legal expertise, coupled with the relationships we have developed over the past decade in the industry and our financial wherewithal, allow us to under promise and over deliver. As a result, we are able to back our 100% Guarantee with confidence.

TimeshareComplaints.com is an independently owned and operated website specializing in the transfer and sale of timeshares on the secondary market. This website is not affiliated with any timeshare resort, management company, HOA, or developer. TimeshareComplaints.com will recommend a licensed title company to handle all timeshare transfers.

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